ALLSTARS was created by Verna Lane, Executive Producer

While combing the internet for fresh faces and undiscovered talent, she noticed an unsettling trend: whenever she took the time to visit an actor’s website, the navigation was always awkward and frustrating. The photos are often small or require special skills to navigate. Web designers usually create restrictions to saving photos (why? why? why?)... Verna wondered: “If I want my director or casting director to see this actor, how am I supposed to get it to them if it can’t be downloaded?

The process of saving an actor’s data was so frustrating that Verna would simply leave the website and never document that actor in her casting favorites. She even tried emailing the contact on website with a note “I’d like to consider this actor for future casting. Please send headshot to this email.”... but managers and webmasters never followed through... not once.

Web designers don’t seem to understand.. if a producer or casting exec can’t save the data, that actor will be forgotten within minutes. What is the point of designing a fancy website if it has no lasting effect to hire the performer?!?

Casting Networks were not much better.. as a Producer, Verna found that she could waste a whole day registering at the various networks... and that just got her in the door to VIEW the talent. But once again, there were so many barriers to saving the data to her own computer for future reference.

If all that casting data stays on the internet, how is a casting executive supposed to remember the artist when it comes time for casting (which may be months later).

From all this frustration, ALLSTARS was born! We have designed portfolios in the most user-friendly manner FOR casting executives... so they can do their job quickly and smoothly. They can view the performers data at a glance, or save it to their own computer for future reference.

Our portfolios defy all the rules of fear-based web-designers.
Why deny the downloading of an actor’s photos? It’s hard enough to get people interested
(casting execs AND fans).. why punish them for wanting to know more about the artist?
Make it easy to be hired... Make it easy for people to become fans..
Entertainers should not be policing their material.. they should be sharing it everywhere.

At ALLSTARS, our portfolios are a ‘work-in-progress’...
Our goal is to create the most user-friendly portfolio possible - so that
casting execs always WANT to visit us first for the latest talent needs

Our message to performers:
Let’s shine your light everywhere.. let’s get you hired... let’s make you a STAR!!



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